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Areas of application

At home

UpSens Air portable detector on shelf in the house

The house should be the environment where we feel good, feeling protected and a profound sense of well-being. However, this is not always the case because an environment is often a reflection of the sources of indoor pollution (statistically more than in open areas). For this very reason, it is important to monitor the quality of the air we breath, as well as the level of electrosmog, particularly in the environment in which we spend a large part of our lives: the bedroom. It is essential not just because we spend many, many hours there but also because our body regenerates itself whilst we are sleeping and therefore requires an environment which is as healthy as possible.

In the office

UpSens Wave on an office desk for electromagnetic field detection

Ensuring that your colleagues and/or co-workers have a healthy environment is definitely a valuable commitment but it offers noticeable positive benefits on workplace efficiency. A recent experimental study onto the typical effects of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution posited a probable negative effect on psychomotor performance (in terms of decision making or problem solving) from values as low as 1,000 ppm.

In schools

Schoolchild uses tablets while UpSens Wave detects electromagnetic fields

A 2016 programme to measure the CO2 level (vitiated air in schools) in the classrooms of the northern Italian province of Bolzano showed that in two-thirds of the 150 classes where measurements were taken, "the air was quite poor, albeit fortunately it can be improved" even just by simply changing the air. Having continuous monitoring sensors which can inform students when action needs to be taken to improve the quality of the environment where they spend a major part of their day is without doubt a stand-out feature of any institution which has the well-being of tomorrow's adults close to their hearts.

In hotels

Carbon monoxide detector UpSens Air in hotel room

Those facilities which seek to offer their customers a high level of quality for their stay can install a multi-parameter sensor module in every room, allowing them to certify, using genuine and objective data, that their building is indeed healthy.

In transport

Train passenger holds in his hand the portable carbon monoxide detector UpSens Air

Planes, ships, trains, coaches, lorries and cars are themselves enclosed environments in which it is undoubtedly important to monitor the quality of the air which we breathe, both due to the unavoidable continuous exposure to different sources of pollution and because the number of hours we spend in vehicles is continues to increase for a wide range of reasons. Multi-parameter sensors, communicating with an air recirculation system, help to increase the comfort of passengers.

In hospitals

Patient in hospital room detects carbon monoxide using UpSens Air

In hospitals, clinics and residential care homes some important parameters which affect people's well-being are not always monitored. It is crucial to continuously monitor the quality of the air and the presence of electrosmog to make these environments even healthier and more comfortable for people who are going through a difficult time in their life. Institutions which have a monitoring system that tracks these factors take a holistic approach to their patients.


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