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Case studies

UpSens creates custom solutions, starting from the personalisation of existing products or developing ad hoc technology, which can allow UpSens sensors to be integrated with the customer's products.

The company aims to provide smart and innovative answers, which constitute a competitive advantage for the customer's product, so as to enhance its perceived value. It is possible to customise the standard devices already available or create ad hoc IoT sensors, based on a single parameter or multi-parameters and from time to time, opting for the most suitable data-transmission technology.

A few case studies:

For the home

For the industry

For services

per test logo elica Elica, a world leader in terms of units sold in the domestic hoods sector – has commissioned UpSens with a project to develop and integrate a sensor into its products, intended to support the end user while cooking foods. The module developed by UpSens enhances the level of safety for the consumers and helps to improve the “performance” of the person who is cooking. Overall, an innovative smart cooking experience.
per test isopan vector logo Isopan, a leading company in the steel industry – asked UpSens to develop and integrate a multi-sensor into its metal walls of excellence for industrial use. The solution developed by UpSens allows them to monitor certain parameters so as to keep product performance under control while offering the end user an additional service compared to the current offers.
per test 1200px Cattolica Assicurazioni logo By joining an important call for tenders for open innovation, UpSens has been selected by Cattolica, one of the main Italian insurance groups, to develop a new IoT solution which can recognise and report situations of indoor pollution via sensors that analyse the air quality, thereby benefitting the quality of life and well-being. A very positive experience of co-innovation thanks to the ELIS Open Italy tender.

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