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Our home should be the environment where we feel protected and experience a profound sense of well-being. This feeling does not always reflect reality. On the other hand, the environment that we think is healthy is contaminated by sources of indoor pollution, statistically more numerous than those found in open spaces

Often, we think we know the closed spaces in which we spend most of our lives, because we are attentive to what surrounds us, but this is not enough, since we are unable to perceive with our senses the substances present in the air we breathe!

This is why it is important to monitor the quality of the air we breathe, particularly in the spaces in which we spend a large part of our lives, such as the bedroom. It is essential not just because we spend many, many hours there but also because our body regenerates itself whilst we are sleeping and therefore requires an environment which is as healthy as possible. This should urge us to KNOW the environment around us better. 

The first step to know what we are breathing is therefore to MEASURE the parameters that influence our well-being; once we are aware of the air quality of our environment, we can do something to improve it. 

With QuAir it is possible to measure the quality of the air in your home and ACT, based on these measurements, to improve its healthiness

If the home does not have an air treatment system, QuAir will indicate with an audible and visual signal when to carry out an air change and for how long, improving the healthiness of the environment by making the user an active player. 

If an air treatment system is in place, where possible, QuAir can communicate the data to the system in order to optimise its operation.

The advantages of you, who have chosen QuAir:

  • you live in a healthy environment
  • you perform a proper air exchange
  • you reduce energy waste

What are the main pollutants present in indoor environments?


CO2 – Carbon Dioxide 

Carbon Dioxide is an inert gas which is commonly produced by combustion. In overcrowded and poorly ventilated environments it can compromise well-being. Risk: From a level as low as 0.08%, the presence of Carbon Dioxide in an enclosed environment can cause drowsiness and headaches, causing concentration problems.

VOC – Volatile Organic Compounds 

Some common sources of pollution: cosmetic products and deodorants, heating devices, cleaning materials and various products, cigarette smoke, work tools such as printers and photocopiers, furnishings that can cause continuous emissions over time. The effects of VOCs can vary enormously from sensory disturbance up to serious changes in health.


One of the most annoying and harmful issues for domestic comfort is linked to moisture: the presence of water in the walls can cause problems, making the building colder and causing mould to appear. If the moisture level is below 20%, breathing difficulties may be noticed: dehydration, sore throat and difficulties swallowing and producing saliva. Increased exposure to household moisture or mould can cause asthma and functional respiratory harm.

PM1 PM2.5 PM10 – Particulates and fine dust

Particulate matter is made up of a set of solid particles of various types and numerous chemicals that adhere to the surface of the dust. Dust particles are differentiated according to their diameter: less than 10μm, less than 2.5μm and less than 1μm.   Fine particles have a non-negligible effect on the health of the exposed population. They cause many disorders related to the respiratory system and have been classified in Group 1, among the carcinogenic substances for humans by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

The use of QuAir in a house is therefore a simple and immediate solution to improve the air quality in the home.

IoT environmental sensors for the sustainability and efficiency of systems.

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