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Do you need to integrate sensors or microsystems, to innovate your products?

UpSens is the competent and reliable partner to support you in the development of solutions based on IoT sensors, to make your product increasingly sustainable and efficient, also from the point of view of energy savings.


Do you need a healthier and better monitored environment? For schools, offices, the construction industry, and integration into actuators.

Do you need support to make your products more efficient and sustainable? From the idea to the design all the way to the supply of the certified product.

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Optoi is one of the seven companies selected at national level for the Chips Act: the European legislative package on semiconductors, to strengthen technological and production leadership.

Do you want a healthy environment in the spaces where you spend up to 90% of your time?

QuAir is the solution!

What is QuAir?

QuAir is a modular and customizable indoor air quality monitoring device that combines advanced sensors and IoT technologies.