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Integration and applications

The UpSens sensors can be incorporated into new or existing products, find out how!

Tailor-made solutions to suit specific requirements

Perhaps you a manufacturer of air purifiers or domestic air conditioners. Would you like to develop a product which contains UpSens sensors to provide innovative solutions?

Our environmental monitoring sensors can be used in a wide variety of sectors as part of the Internet of Things. In particular, UpSens is targeted at market segments with an interest in measuring the air quality of indoor environments, recording the relevant parameters.

Thanks to our operational structure, we are able to supply a personalised solution for all requirements, drawing on the production and test facilities of the Optoi group.

We can offer clients our skills and know-how to incorporate UpSens sensors into their products. Our sensors can be customised to meet specific requirements, to ensure they are perfectly integrated into the end product.

We offer intelligent solutions which allow the final product to be automated, adding a specific competitive advantage which increases the product's relative perceived value. The sensor modules which have already been developed can be customised as required or single or multiple parameter modular sensors can be specially made, based on the specific requirements and using the appropriate data transmission technology required, either wireless or wired.

The UpSens modules can also be miniaturised for integration into a building, for example to detect the quality of the air in forced ventilation systems, providing data to a centralised data collection platform, as a smart green building 4.0 enabling technology.

The UpSens sensors can be used with the related app and web platform with "white label" option.

Examples of integration

Recirculation systems, kitchen hoods and air purifiers integrated with UpSens sensors for reducing indoor pollution

Air recirculation systems

Incorporating sensor modules into air recirculation systems provides benefits in terms of improved energy efficiency thanks to the ability to automatically switch them on only when actually required.

Cooker hoods

A number of sensors can be integrated into cooker hoods, which can automate their operation or provide additional functions of benefit to the end user, providing an effective increase in the perceived value of the product itself.

Air purifiers

Incorporating our sensor modules into air purifiers provides benefits in terms of improved energy efficiency thanks to the ability to switch them only when actually required, rather than relying on a feedback loop based on the correct operation of the purifier itself.


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