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IoT devices for air quality monitoring

QuAir is the new line of IoT sensors for air quality monitoring developed and manufactured by UpSens in Italy, for companies.

The recent past and particularly the Covid-19 pandemic has made people and companies aware of the importance of air quality. Since there is no universal sensor to monitor viruses in the air, which is also economically sustainable to place it widely in several indoor spaces, UpSens has decided to develop the connected QuAir sensor, with the basic version measuring the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2), a parameter that allows the level of risk relating to the proliferation of airborne viruses to be known.

Importance of real data

Never take the quality and reliability of a measurement system for granted.

Predictive algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning are the basis of success, to develop advanced and smart logic, which can really be useful for the purpose they were created for.

Main features

QuAir has been designed to measure various parameters. Thanks to its sensors, it detects several parameters simultaneously, in a reliable way, and it is connected. It allows you to send measurement data to a cloud at customisable frequency, it does not require installation, but a simple configuration by the user and it is modular, therefore, it can be easily customised according to the specific requirements of the environment or of the application which it is placed in.

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QuAir allows the air quality and other fundamental parameters to be constantly monitored, for the healthiness of indoor environments and the automated control of the systems involved in their management: from lighting to air conditioning and ventilation to heating.

Today more than ever, health and well-being in indoor environments are strategic objectives: in Italy and in other industrialised countries, people spend about 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoors. Smart building consists in making the buildings which we live and work in “smart”, capable of automatically managing the parameters that make an indoor space healthy.

QuAir allows you to create a network of connected sensors, spread throughout the building, to know the environmental quality of a specific area. This makes it possible to control the most important parameters, such as air quality, and to know whether a correct air exchange is performed regularly, required to maintain a healthy environment for the occupants.

Measured parameters

Parametri misurati QuAir

Due to its modularity, QuAir is also a “technological platform”: the QuAir models can be customised ad hoc, with respect to specific application requirements, when functions and target prices, other than the standard device, are required. The experience and know-how gained during the development of the standard product line allow us to offer the customer a competitive customised service, both in terms of schedules and investment.

Types of power supply

  • USB type C
  • PoE
  • battery
  • 12-57Vdc


  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Modbus

Casing material

  • ABS

Exceeding the threshold

  • Sound and visual alert in real time


  • MQTT
  • Modbus/TCP
  • HTTP
  • Modbus

Edge Computing

  • Light Indication of the Threshold and the paramenters


  • White label
  • customizable


  • 66x66x42 mm


  • desk
  • wall
  • ceiling


Due to the coupling with or integration of QuAir in their products, manufacturers of air exchange, Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, Air Handling Unit, Purifier and Extractor systems, allow the end user to carry out automated and smart management of the plants. Switching the actuators on and off and adjusting them, managed by the readings made by the connected QuAir sensors, allow the occupants’ comfort level to be enhanced, energy consumption to be streamlined and features to be added for the remote control of system performance, thus working in a perspective of predictive maintenance.

+   comfort for the occupants

+   communication with the air handling system

+   reduced risk of air borne virus transmission

+   optimised system management

+   remote diagnostics

+   predictive maintenance

Customised hardware and software configurations can be made, for example by setting the thresholds of the individual parameter, the definition of alarms, where to send the measurement data, sensors on the board, type of power supply, physical connection and communication protocol.

Request information regarding the product configuration that interests you.

applicazioni per impresa

Here are some specific application examples:

  • Monitoring of environmental quality to maintain certification requirements (e.g. WELL Building Standard)
  • Integration or combination with air extractors or with controlled mechanical ventilation (VMC) to optimise start-up, shutdown and adjustment
  • Communication and interaction with air purifiers to optimise their operation
  • Enabling and functioning of predictive maintenance by collecting data and developing ad hoc algorithms


QuAir can be integrated and combined with actuators for air handling, purification or exchange and/or interaction with Building Management Systems. The QuAir sensor can drive the actuator by generating direct communication with it to optimise its start-up, shutdown and adjustment during operation.

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Otherwise, QuAir can send the necessary data to adjust actuator operation to the Building Management System in the building, via the Ethernet network or via Modbus.

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Do you have different requirements regarding the combination and integrations? Write to us to explain your specific requirements and we will suggest a solution!


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