How and where to use UpSens?

UpSens allows you to monitor indoor environmental parameters in an extremely simple way. It’s really easy to use it: you can see the situation of your environment with a simple glance.

PORTABLE: Bring it with you, wherever you want

Simply set it in place, turn it on and let it do the rest. It is portable and therefore, you can move it to different spaces (different rooms in the home or take it to work or on your travels or wherever you go), according to your needs, and it will continue to measure and notify you if you need to act.

MODULAR: a single base and several sensors

UpSens is modular. In fact, with a single base and several sensors, you can easily monitor the air quality and the presence of electrosmog, without problems.
UpSens Wave electronic device used to monitor environmental parameters.

Dispositivo elettronico UpSens Wave utilizzato per il monitoraggio parametri ambientali

RECHARGEABLE: the battery makes it even more practical

The lithium-ion battery makes it even more agile. Simply set it to charge, via the USB cable supplied, when the battery indicates this. Just like a smartphone, you can disconnect it once it is charged and set it in place wherever you need it.

Where to use UpSens?

You can measure the parameters of home, school, offices, transportation, hotels or any other closed environment in which you stay. Select the environment that you want to monitor and apply your preferred sensors. UpSens will do the rest, supporting you throughout your day, advising you how to act if necessary and will allow you to improve your surrounding environment, making you an active part in creating your WELL-BEING.

Rilevatore portatile UpSens Air su mensola in casa

At Home

The house should be the environment where we feel good, feeling protected and a profound sense of well-being. However, this is not always the case because an environment is often a reflection of the sources of indoor pollution (statistically more than in open areas). For this very reason, it is important to monitor the quality of the air we breath, as well as the level of electrosmog, particularly in the environment in which we spend a large part of our lives: the bedroom. It is essential not just because we spend many, many hours there but also because our body regenerates itself whilst we are sleeping and therefore requires an environment which is as healthy as possible.

In the office

Working in a healthy work environment has positive repercussions on work efficiency. Monitoring the environment, you work in ensures that you personally intervene on the healthiness of the environment and this allows you to be more efficient as well as reduces absences due to health-related issues.

UpSens Wave appoggiato su scrivania d'ufficio per la rilevazione di campi elettromagnetici

Bambino a scuola utilizza tablet mentre UpSens Wave rileva i campi elettromagnetici


At school, the healthiness of the environments facilitates the performance and productivity of the STUDENTS, just like the well-being and performance of the TEACHERS, MANAGERS and ADMINISTRATIVE-TECHNICAL-AUXILIARY PERSONNEL. Excessive CO₂ concentrations can cause drowsiness and lower concentration. It is particularly important to facilitate constant air exchange and timely intervention can greatly improve the WELL-BEING of the education environment.


Although visiting temporarily, it is not certain that these are healthy environments. It may be essential to have a device on you, with which you can UpSens Air carbon monoxide detector in a hotel room

Rilevatore monossido di carbonio UpSens Air in camera d'albergo

Passeggiero in treno tiene in mano il rilevatore monossido di carbonio portatile UpSens Air


Planes, ships, trains, coaches, lorries and cars are themselves enclosed environments in which it is undoubtedly important to monitor the quality of the air which we breathe, both due to the unavoidable continuous exposure to different sources of pollution and because the number of hours we spend in vehicles is continues to increase for a wide range of reasons. Multi-parameter sensors, communicating with an air recirculation system, help to increase the comfort of passengers.


In hospitals, clinics and residential care homes some important parameters which affect people's well-being are not always monitored. It is crucial to continuously monitor the quality of the air to make these environments even healthier and more comfortable for people who are going through a difficult time in their life.

Paziente in camera d'ospedale rileva il monossido di carbonio con UpSens Air

A unique feature of UpSens, your air pollution detector is the possibility to to view and manage measured data in real time.

MEASURE the quality of the air you breathe at home or at work, detecting the potential presence of harmful substances, carbon monoxide or other gases and the level of electrosmog produced by the electronic devices that we use every day and view directly on the UpSens display.

VIEW the recorded parameters directly on the UpSens display.


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