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Our commitment

Culture of well-being

Since its inception, UpSens has promoted an authentic culture of well-being and quality of life through events and special communication, which have aroused the interest of the Italian media. For example: the publication of an illustrated children’s e-book with the aim of educating children – in a cute and fun way – about the importance of a healthy home and greater commitment against domestic pollution; the publication of the e-book: “Un sogno nato con mia figlia, una tecnologia per tutti” (A dream born with my daughter, technology for everyone), where the UpSens CEO tells the story of the company, the philosophy and values that animate it. Furthermore, at the end of 2019, in the prestigious spaces of the Trento Science Museum, UpSens organised a conference dedicated to occupational well-being.

School and youngsters

Education and awareness are keywords of the UpSens lexicon because the company is convinced that the new generations will be decisive in making the world a better place. The quality of the air in school environments is important for the well-being and health of the pupils and adults who work there; primarily due to the several hours they spend there and secondly, because it is a place dedicated to training and learning, which is put to the test when the air quality is poor. In fact, if the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2 gas that is produced by human breathing) is too high, cognitive performance, learning ability and the ability to use and process information decrease.

Local territory

It is no coincidence that UpSens was founded in Trentino-Alto Adige – a region that has always been very sensitive to well-being and nature – which, over the years has known how to combine the attention paid to the quality of life and health with great commitment to scientific research and technological innovation.


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