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UpSens - Our Identity

"Measuring our life quality. This was the dream that paved the way to the creation of UpSens, which then became the company's primary goal." The UpSens Team.

In a world where concepts such as well-being and health bear more and more significance, both for families and for businesses, and where people spend 90% of their time indoors (so-called indoor spaces), the founding members of UpSens have seized an important opportunity for sustainable business and social innovation in the development of sensors to measure the environmental parameters that are crucial for people’s well-being at home as well as in their work, rest and study areas. UpSens is an innovative company that personally develops, manufactures and produces standard or customisable technological products and solutions, so as to accompany its customers throughout the production chain and aim for their utmost satisfaction.


The UpSens team is committed to help improve our communities every day. In both professional and personal life, the collaborators of the company are driven by the belief that sustainability, respect, knowledge and well-being are the foundations of a new way of being and acting, in the interest of current and future generations. For this reason, the philosophy of UpSens is defined by one word: awareness, essential for the individual (regardless if it is the final consumer, HR manager, entrepreneur, manager or public official) to take action to make indoor living or work spaces healthier and focused on the well-being needs of everyone.
The mission of UpSens is to contribute to the change and improvement of the quality of life, through the development of technological solutions, including customised ones, for environmental monitoring. Because you must measure to know and you must know to act.


An offshoot of the Optoi Group, UpSens was set up in 2016. That same year, an important round of equity crowdfunding

was successfully launched, which allowed the company to start operating on the market, and above all, provided the team with the contribution of partners with great experience and vision. B2C activities have represented the company's first business objective and B2B is the horizon which UpSens is oriented towards. The objective however remains the same: to offer customers the best technological solutions for environmental monitoring.

In fact, initially, UpSens focused on the B2C market, with a first range of products entirely developed in-house for the end consumer: these were portable and modular devices to monitor indoor environmental parameters, such as air quality and the level of electrosmog. The public’s feedback was positive and the company was included in the Italian delegation of innovative companies taking part in the CES in Las Vegas: the presented sensors (UpSens AIR+, AIR and WAVE) aroused great interest among the professionals and for the company this was confirmation that focusing strongly on the B2B market was the most correct choice.

UpSens undertook a specialisation path, culminating in 2019. In fact, that year, the company launched significant partnerships with large Italian corporations, ranging from the customisation of existing sensors, to the research and development of innovative sensors, designed and developed to meet the specific requirements of the customer.

More recently, UpSens collaborated with SMEs that are interested in the integration or combination of related sensors in their products and services.


Multidisciplinary, competent and united by the goal of putting its experience at the service of projects to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

alf viso 250x370The most important innovations are those which most help humanity to progress, improving quality of life and the environment.
(Alfredo Maglione)

Alfredo Maglione
(President & co-fondatore)

Ketty Paller CEO e cofondatrice di UpSens "Be the change you want to see in the world!"
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Ketty Paller
(CEO & co-fondatore)

marco viso 250x370For an engaged life, we must respect our planet and use technology that serves our lives, but which respects nature
(Marco Facchini)

Marco Facchini

Eleonora Severino responsabile del reparto Marketing e commerciale di UpSens "Happiness is not a destination but a way of travelling!"

Eleonora Severino

Progettista e responsabile del reparto hardware e software per UpSens"We were not born just for ourselves."

Gabriele Endrizzi
(HW-SW Developer)

Progettista tecnicoNothing exists until it is measured
(Niels Bohr)

Matteo Bertazzoni

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