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QuAir device

QuAir lets you keep under control the main parameters that influence the environmental quality of indoor spaces.

Advantages - energy efficiency / energy saving / healthy air

QuAir is an IoT device for monitoring environmental quality, in particular air quality and is also a technological platform, which means it can be easily used in combination or integrated with air treatment systems.

QuAir measures the following parameters:

CO2 : Anidride carbonica
Umidità Relativa : Indicatore della qualità ambientale
Temperatura : Indicatore della qualità ambientale
VOC : Composti Organici Volatili
Polveri sottili PM1, PM2.5, PM10 : Le famose polveri sottili
Rumore : L'inquinamento acustico
Luminosità : Livello di luminosità ambientale
Pressione : La pressione atmosferica


Dispositivo : Certificato
Dispositivo : Connesso
Installazione : veloce
Dispositivo : Modulare
Dispositivo : Configurabile

Technical features

Tipologie di alimentazione

USB tipo C – PoE

Batteria 12-57Vdc



Materiale involucro


Superamento soglia

Allerta sonora e allerta visiva in tempo reale



Edge Computing

Indicazione luminosa delle soglie dei parametri


White label


66x66x42 mm


piano parete soffitto

Thanks to the LED light indication for each individual parameter, QuAir can also be used as a “stand alone” device. As an IoT sensor, it sends the measurement data for each individual parameter to the my.quair platform, from which it is possible to view the latest measured values in real time, as well as the history of the measurements and therefore their trend depending on the selected time period.

In addition, the algorithm on board QuAir also allows the IAQ (Index Air Quality) index to be sent to the platform, which analyses the level of global air quality, taking into account the data collected by all sensors. 

An in-depth analysis of the data on the platform and the drafting of analytical reports are the basis for the implementation of targeted actions, aimed at improving the environmental quality inside the buildings and the well-being of the occupants.

QuAir is designed to send the data collected to third-party platforms, typically those of the end customer. This is a feature that makes it possible to maintain QuAir’s remote diagnostics and Over The Air update functions, to ensure proper operation over the years and timely remote technical support.

Do you want to optimise indoor air, lower your building’s energy costs, or obtain a certification such as LEED, WELL, or BREEAM? QuAir sensors can help you automate HVAC processes and implement efficient solutions.

Thanks to its design, also as a technological platform, different customized product versions have been created, to meet the needs of customers, both in terms of the parameters to be measured and of the need for integration into their products. Write to the technical support of UpSens to get your customised solution.