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Due to the coupling with or integration of QuAir in their products, manufacturers of air exchange, Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, Air Handling Units, Purifier and Extractor systems, allow the end user to carry out automated and smart management of the systems.

Switching the actuators on and off and adjusting them, actions managed by the readings made by the connected QuAir sensors, make for enhanced occupant comfort level, streamlined energy consumption, and added features for the remote control of system performance, thus working in a perspective of predictive maintenance.


  • comfort for the occupants
  • communication with the air handling system
  • reduced risk of airborne virus transmission
  • improved plant efficiency
  • remote diagnostics
  • enabling predictive plant maintenance

Changes are possible both at hardware and software level, such as the number and type of sensors on the board, the type of power supply, physical connection, and communication protocol. Alternatively, the customer can directly set customised configurations, such as setting custom thresholds related to the single parameter, scheduling alarms, publishing the data on the customer’s platform.

Check with UpSens the possible integrations and combinations of QuAir with actuators for air treatment , purification or exchange and the communication with Building Management Systems.

The QuAir sensor can drive the actuator by generating direct communication with it to optimise its start-up, shutdown and adjustment during operation.

Otherwise, QuAir can send the necessary data to adjust actuator operation to the Building Management System in the building, via the Ethernet network or via Modbus.

Supported protocols

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STE - Sanitizing Technologies and Equipments

One of the integrations that brought QuAir sensors within the University of Urbino Carlo BO was created thanks to the collaboration with the company STE – Sanitizing Technologies and Equipments, an innovative start-up, formed by a competent and dynamic staff. STE has developed systems that combine sanitisation and purification for indoor environments and has chosen QuAir monitoring technology.

STE has decided to collaborate with UpSens for the creation of an OEM module, based on the QuAir platform, able to count on a cost-effective and time-saving service, to also add to their sanitising devices the monitoring of the main air quality parameters, equipping their products with an additional functionality and enabling them to increase the energy efficiency of their operation, as well as remote functionality

IoT environmental sensors for the sustainability and efficiency of systems.

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