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UpSens was founded in 2016 by a group of partners united by the desire to develop solutions to put technology at the service of the well-being of Human Beings.

In its first year of activity, the founding partners of UpSens saw equity crowdfunding as the opportunity to grow, expanding their shareholding structure, thanks to other businesses and individuals who believed in the vision of what was then a start-up.

This step has enabled UpSens to create and offer to the market its first standard line of portable and modular IoT sensors, for the monitoring of indoor environmental quality parameters.

In 2018 the company launched its first 3 devices on the market: AIR, AIR+ and WAVE, mainly aimed at the end consumer.

The company took its first steps in the B2C market, while the B2B market is the goal towards which UpSens began to work as early as 2019, thanks to a series of opportunities, mainly with large Italian corporations, which the company was able to seize and capitalise in its first years of activity. 

In the following years, UpSens has consolidated existing collaborations, adding new ones, both with multinational companies based in Italy and with SMEs interested in integrating or combining connected sensors in their products and services.

During the Covid years, also due to the slowdown in projects commissioned by customer companies, the UpSens team created its second line of IoT sensors, for the detection of indoor environmental quality. This second line of devices is called QuAir and has been designed and developed with its use in B2B applications in mind, specifically thinking about the restart of post-pandemic co-presence activities, such as in schools, public and/or private offices, and commercial areas. This choice is guided by the fundamental importance that the monitoring of air quality and its correct exchange has had during and after the Covid-19 pandemic.

The QuAir product line has also been designed to be easily customised in order to communicate with systems and actuators, to automate their operation and improve their efficiency, also from the point of view of sustainability and energy savings.

Year of establishment

Year of establishment

  • April 19, 2016

Establishment of UpSens by the founding partners with Optoi

April 19, 2016
December 21, 2016
Development of the first portable IoT products of the UpSens family

Development of the first portable IoT products of the UpSens family

  • December 21, 2016

Successful closing of Equity Crowdfunding on StarsUp


Market launch of AIR, AIR+ and Wave products

Market launch of AIR, AIR+ and Wave products

  • From 2018

Market launch of the first line of portable IoT sensors for the B2C market Since 2018

From 2018
From 2019
Partnership with large Italian corporations

Partnership with large Italian corporations

  • From 2019

Start of collaborations with large Italian corporations.

QuAir technological platform development

QuAir technological platform development

  • From 2021

New product line for the B2B market: QuAir.

From 2021
From 2023
QuAir product line

QuAir product line

  • From 2023

QuAir: from monitoring to control, sensor integration with third-party actuators and systems.

IoT environmental sensors for the sustainability and efficiency of systems.

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