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Ensuring a healthy working environment for your employees and colleagues is required by workplace safety regulations. Going a step further, ensuring that workspaces have environmental quality control is proof of foresight and attention to the most important resources for a company: people! 

This attention to people in the company is a responsible and appreciated attitude and the benefits related to work efficiency are far from negligible. A study published in California in 2013, by researchers at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory*, showed how high concentrations of CO2 decrease people’s ability to make decisions: this shows how important it is to constantly control the concentration of this gas in the workplace.

QuAir is the IoT sensor designed to improve air quality in closed places such as offices, meeting rooms and work environments frequented by several people at the same time, to keep the main parameters that determine the healthiness of an indoor environment under control and, at the same time, mitigate the risk of transmission of airborne viruses since, thanks to the sensor, it is possible to carry out a correct air exchange through natural ventilation.

In addition, thanks to the ability to communicate with systems and actuators, intelligent automatic functions are activated for switching on, off and adjusting the speeds of air exchange and treatment systems, such as purifiers and VMCs.

Used in the work environment, QuAir

  • actively contributes to the well-being of your employees and collaborators
  • promotes concentration and attention which translates into increased productivity
  • helps reduce sick leave
  • it makes it possible to make the operation of the systems in the building more efficient, which translates into a reduction in energy-related costs

In historical moments, such as the current one, in which the issue of the loyalty of human resources to the company is particularly critical, guaranteeing good environmental quality to its employees is a concrete demonstration of the attention that the company pays to its collaborators.


In October 2019, UpSens organised, at the MUSE in Trento, the event “Well-being at work”, with important guests with knowledge of issues related to Indoor Air Quality, such as Professor Gaetano Settimo, coordinator of the National Study Group on indoor pollution established by the Istituto Superiore di Sanità and member of several ministerial working groups, Dr Maria Laura Frigotto – Professor in Organisation and Management of Human Resources at the University of Trento and Dr Giorgio Casoni – Entrepreneur and Expert in Neuroscience applied to the HR sector.

During the conference, prof. Gaetano Settimo explained the many effects that a healthy working environment offers, first and foremost the well-being of people, which consequently reduces absences due to illness and improves their cognitive performance

Conversely, an indoor space with poor air quality creates various problems ranging from “simple” headaches, to irritations of the eyes, throat and the respiratory tract. These effects are significant, since the hours that people spend in their work environment represent a large part of the day and the time factor considerably increases the risk of contracting more serious diseases such as asthma, allergies and cancers.


One of QuAir’s installations in the workplace, which gave the greatest satisfaction to the UpSens team, was carried out in the offices of Keminova, a company based in Brescia, specialised in the formulation and production of full-service skin care products, both for Italian and international companies, leaders in the sector.

Since 2022, Keminova has been a benefit corporation and is a company guided by the values of collective and environmental responsibility, respect, honesty, transparency, fairness, safety at work, integrity, quality, and innovation. Its Chairman invested in the renovation of the working environments, with the aim of guaranteeing his employees a healthy environment in which to work, thanks to an effective air treatment system. QuAir sensors and their connectivity to the systems make it possible to constantly verify the maintenance of the air quality standard and to improve the efficiency of the air treatment and exchange systems thanks to their being switched on and off according to the actual need.

*Elevated Indoor Carbon Dioxide Impairs Decision-Making Performance. By Julie Chao – October 17, 2012

IoT environmental sensors for the sustainability and efficiency of systems.

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